WENATRearth isn’t led by centralised hierarchies. Instead, we have purpose driven roles that build our commune and foster our mission. WENATRearth does not have central leaders, everyone participates and collaborates together to accelerate our neoecological commune. The Protectors and Guardians holds collective wisdom, the knowledge of sustainable growth and how the commune can navigate in the future.

Sense of purpose,
based on shared values.

In this time of environmental degradation, we must come together to create a new form of community. The Protectors help the commune grow. The Guardians help the growing commune stay rooted in ecological thinking. The Protectors uses clout and patronage to encourage growth and continuity; while the Guardians foster the sense of community based on shared values.

A neoecological commune is not to be rushed. While we face environmental degradation at an increasing rate, we cannot fix this problem with the same mindset we had before. We must be intentionally slow and value the long-term over the short.

The Protectors and Guardians are important roles for the journey of the commune. The Protectors, as a symbol and patron of our journey, ensures perpetual growth. The Guardians, as wise elders, maintain our ecological way of thinking, generational natural wisdom. Together, the Guardians and the Protectors will nurture our commune to achieve our mission.


The Protectors

A Protectors maintain the status quo of the commune over time, as well as aids in the commune’s growth. This role is important to set the expectations of the commune. weNATUREearth has a vision for a commune rooted in ecocitizenship and earth stewardship. The Protectors possess societal clout, could play a critical role in bridging the transition between conventional society and the weNATUREearth’s communeship.


The Guardians

The Guardians generate wisdom from years of societal engagement. Without the Guardians’ wisdom, our commune may lose this critical value. The Guardians act as a board of elders who can manage the mission and values of the commune. We have damaged our natural world, and we must repair what we have destroyed. The Guardians are elders who help us defend our true mission even as the commune grows. The Guardians maintain our sense of purpose.

It’s time to make nature our priority.

Let’s begin transition together.

If you happen to know someone who might be interested in enacting ecocitizenship…

If you happen to be someone who might be interested to enable neoecological commune…