At WENATRearth, we are rethinking the human-to-nature connection. Instead of following the current norms, we are forging a new path based on new values and ways of thinking. While we have our overarching themes of ecocitizenship and earth stewardship, we also require individuals who will continue to drive our mission forward. Our Proponents and Stewards are the individuals who will build the basis of our identity as a neoecological commune.

Upholding cultural integrity,
creating scientific credibility.

Mass movements arise out of a need for a paradigm shift. This shift is led by a change of values and ideals. Our commune combines science and culture. We encourage learning about each other and the planet. We value new ways of thinking, as well as building on what we have already learned. The Proponents help the commune maintain the culture of ecological stewardship, while the Stewards maintain the ecological integrity of our mission. Without science, we may become lost in nebulous virtue-signaling. Without cultural integrity, we will lose what makes us different from mainstream society.

The Stewards create scientific credibility, and the Proponents uphold cultural integrity. WENATRearth is at the intersection between science and culture. We need individuals who have knowledge in both areas. Each is as important as the other; it is together that we become something new and evolutionary.


The Proponents

Every Ecocitizen shares the common values of earth stewardship. However, as we look to grow and change, we need individuals to maintain and organise our cultural identity. The Proponent is a philosophical thinker and thought leader for the commune who can strengthen our mission and promote our ecological ways.

WENATRearth has bold plans for a mass ecological transition. This requires mindfulness and thoughtfulness, which our Proponents can provide. We rely on these individuals to uphold our identity and keep ourselves true to our cultural identity. Our commune is redefining human society. This is something to take seriously, and we cannot stray from our purpose. Together with the Proponents, our commune’s identity will be preserved even as we grow in numbers.


The Stewards

We are living at a time when the Earth’s biogeochemical systems are being stressed by anthropogenic environmental degradation. Science has proven that we humans are causing climate change, destroying nature, and stripping our planet of its natural beauty. At WENATRearth, we respect science and all it has given us to inspire ecological transition.

Since we strive to uphold science in our commune, we have Stewards who are experts in scientific fields and discoveries. The Stewards provides scientific and technical work that can support the commune in many ways. We need the Stewards to maintain our scientific understanding of the world. We plan to enact large-scale ecological restoration and conservation. Without Stewards, we will not be able to do so effectively. The Steward’s analytical thinking and scientific knowledge will aid us in our commune.

It’s time to make nature our priority.

Let’s begin transition together.

If you happen to know someone who might be interested in enacting ecocitizenship…

If you happen to be someone who might be interested to enable neoecological commune…