Our Natural Mandate

Embracing The Nature’s Mandate

In the past, humans had a simple, single mandate which to do the best for their own kind along with their unsustainable way of life, frequently at the expense of nature. Today, we must realise that we are responsible not only for living beings, but for every square inch of the earth's surface and natural things.

It is an anthropocentric perspective that human beings are at the centre of the universe

This perspective is misguided as we are utterly dependent on other species. When humans lose connection with nature, they are no longer humans. The nature has intrinsic value and the right to be as they are. We often talk about human rights, but nature also has rights, the right to exist. We have no right to exploit them without sensible purpose.

We Are Earth Citizens

How Modern Life Became

Disconnected from Nature

We have become more and more distanced from nature and its life-giving benefits. Our connection to nature seems more tenuous than ever today, a time when our children can name more pokemon characters than wildlife species.

It is widely accepted that we are more disconnected from nature today than we were a century ago.

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