Transition To The

Ecological Age

If you're ready to ditch the dated monotonous paradigm, we have the solution now


Kindred for Digitalisation and Events


Kindred for Digitalisation and Events


Kindred for Logistics and Production

Kuala Lumpur

Kindred for Platform Acceleration


Kindred for Platform Governance

Experiencing the luxury of indulgence with nature

Not so long ago, the earth’s only neoecological commune was bootstrapped by several impact driven individuals. The nature’s kindred is now growing across five networks in Bali, Chiangmai, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore surrounded by scenic paddy fields, evergreen bamboo forests, majestic limestone hills, and unfortunately the concrete jungle.

We will be expanding our kindred to enable mass conservation and mainstreaming ecological citizenship in embracing the ecological age. Seek the nature’s kindred, indulge yourself with nature.

It’s time to make nature our life.

Let’s transition together.