Our ecological transition will occur in the age of hyperdigital and hyperconnectivity. Instead of shunning this technology, WENATRearth embraces it. We plan to use digital diplomacy to tell our story and spread our values. We need storytellers who can masterfully tell the stories of the neoecological commune, especially as we grow and expand. weNATUREearth has groundbreaking stories, ideas, and actions to inspire active ecological life.

Humans are storytellers,
we have told stories since we learned to talk.

We create fictional narratives, informative fables, and legendary myths. This critical part of human history is not to be devalued. Stories are how we communicate, how we drive change, and how we influence others. At WENATRearth, we wish to tell our story in its most pure and honest form. We want to share it with the world.

Social media is one of the most powerful forces on the earth right now. While many individuals may dismiss social media as vapid or destructive, WENATRearth knows its true purpose. Social media can connect people from across the globe. We are no longer bound by physical distance. Instead, we can connect with people based on interests and values. Our relationships can be built on similar belief systems, rather than physical proximity.

We plan to use digital platforms and applications to their fullest potential. We do not dismiss these tools simply because they use technology or the internet; we can see that they can be beneficial rather than destructive. The Journeyers can guide others about the importance of Ecocitizenship, and the Exponents can encourage others to embrace it. Without these storytellers and influencers, we may never reach our fullest potential as a neoecological commune.


The Journeyers

The Journeyers are storytellers who is proficient in digital film creation, content creators. Content is incredibly powerful, mixing images, emotions and sounds to inspire the viewers. We need individuals who can craft videos and films to show our purpose to a new audience. We are proud to be Ecocitizens, and we want others to know this. We want others to join us. Creative, beautiful, and thought-provoking content can have a deep impact on the viewers.


The Exponents

The Exponents use social media to promote mainstreaming ecocitizen. They can use their influence to encourage followers to embrace a more ecological life. Instead of promoting hyper-consumerism, the Exponents could use social media to promote an ecologically-minded way of life that values nature and human connection. The Exponents create real-life content in line with WENATRearth’s initiatives, inspiring others in the process.

It’s time to make nature our priority.

Let’s begin transition together.

If you happen to know someone who might be interested in enacting ecocitizen…

If you happen to be someone who might be interested to enable neoecological commune…