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Indonesia and Singapore


Cradle of Malay Civilisation

300 years ago, Riau was the heart of Malay civilization, the islands’ illustrious history derived both from the Malay Peninsula and mainland Sumatra. It is an area rich in crumbling historical sites, a pilgrimage destination for its old mosques, reconstructed palaces and tombs of venerated saints. 12 generations of sultans, said to be descended from Bugis seafarers, have ruled in the area. The Sultans of Tanjung Pinang once held power over Johore state on the Malay Peninsula, the Lingga islands, and even as far as Tembilahan on Sumatra.


Riau archipelago consists of more than 3,000 islands, about 1,000 of which are occupied, and only 743 named. Riau Archipelago has benefited greatly from its location: straddling the sea routes between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. The earliest Malay kingdoms relied on trade through these islands, while their navies were supported by the Orang Laut who lived in the archipelago.


Opportunity for Communers to participate in community driven ecological conservation and restoration projects in Riau Archipelago region.
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