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World’s second-largest contiguous coral reef system, Philippines’ largest atoll

Apo Reef is one of the most famous diving areas around Mindoro and Pandan Island. In fact many would claim it to be one of the best best dive spots in the world. It is roughly a triangular coral atoll formation approximately 26 kilometres from the north to the south tip, and 20 kilometres from east to west. It is a protected area of the Philippines classified as a natural park encompassing 274.69 square kilometres.

million years ago

Mindoro was rifted (below water) from the Asian mainland approximately 32 million years ago, transported through seafloor spreading across the growing South China Sea, added to the growing Philippines Archipelago approximately 17 million years ago, and uplifted above water approximately 5-10 million years ago. Mindoro is separated from Palawan to the south and Luzon to the north by deep water channels and has not been connected to those islands during the recent past.


Opportunity for Communers to participate in community driven ecological conservation and restoration projects in Mindoro Island region.
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