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Asia’s rice bowl, world’s most fertile rice growing areas

For most of the post-war period Thailand has been the world’s largest exporter of rice, until being overtaken by India in 2017. Thai rice is renowned for its quality, including white rice and Thai fragrant or jasmine rice. Glutinous rice production is exported from the Khorat to neighbouring countries, especially Laos, where glutinous rice is also the preferred staple.

agricultural land use for rice

Northeast Thailand encompasses the flat to undulating lands of the Khorat Plateau between the Phetchabun Range in the west and the Mekong River in the east. These lands are conventionally classified into high, middle, and low terraces, with different susceptibilities to drought and flood and hence different suitability for rice and field crops.


Opportunity for Communers to participate in community driven ecological conservation and restoration projects in Khorat Plateau region.
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