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Myanmar’s largest river delta

The Irrawaddy Delta begins about 93 kilometres above Hinthada and about 290 kilometres from its curved base, which faces the Andaman Sea. The westernmost distributary of the delta is the Pathein River, while the easternmost stream is the Yangon River, on the left bank of which stands Myanmar’s former capital city, Yangon. Because the Yangon River is only a minor channel, the flow of water is insufficient to prevent Yangon Harbour from silting up, and dredging is necessary.

endemic fish species

In 2008, it was estimated that the Irrawaddy ecoregion is home to 119–195 endemic species of fish found nowhere else in the world. Several new species of fish have been described from the Irrawaddy river basin in recent years (the cyprinid Danio htamanthinus in 2016 and the stone loach Malihkaia aligera in 2017), and it is likely that undescribed species remain. Among the most well-known species in the river is the Irrawaddy dolphin (Orcaella brevirostris), a euryhaline species of oceanic dolphin with a high and rounded forehead, lacking a beak.


Opportunity for Communers to participate in community driven ecological conservation and restoration projects in Irrawaddy Delta region.
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