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Asia’s largest limestone island ecosystem

Catba Archipelago has the highest level tropical and subtropical bio-diversity which is typical, adjacent and subsequent within one property such as insular tropical rain forest, mangrove forest, tidal flat, marine lake, and coral reef. Over 18,000 years of its history, the property has preserved its highly original nature in spite of human appearance 7,000 years ago.

islands and islets

The aesthetic value of the Catba Archipelago can be shown in the limestone kart terrain sunk under the sea which comprises hundreds of majestic limestone towers wrapped by primary tropical forest on the largest island, creating a striking landscape on the blue sea. Cave is another remarkable geological feature, including three main types: old phreatic caves, karst foot caves and notch caves.


Opportunity for Communers to participate in community driven ecological conservation and restoration projects in Cat Ba Archipelago region.
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