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World’s largest tin producer

The tin’s contribution to the wealth of the region’s people stretches all the way back to the Dutch colonial era. The tin mining industry remains a powerful driver of the provincial economy, but at a cost of massive environmental damage. This environmental destruction was even felt in the early days, in the form of depleted fish stocks and damaged coral reefs as a result of dredging operations.

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Bangka Belitung is forested

Bangka Belitung has various kinds of rare wood, such as the agarwood, pelawan, meranti, ramin, mambalong, mandaru, bulin and kerengas. Other forest plants found in the island are keramunting, buk-buk, mate ayem, kapuk, jelutung, pulai, gelam, meranti rawa, mentagor, mahang, various species of mangrove, and others. Other forest products are natural bitter honey and rattan.


Opportunity for Communers to participate in community driven ecological conservation and restoration projects in Bangka-belitung Island region.
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