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World’s Only Spiritual Irrigation System

Subak, a unique water management system for rice fields, is at the basis of Bali’s green and lush landscape. Rice farming in Bali is a community affair. All rice farmers are obligated to join a subak association to jointly decide on matters such as planting, crops, pest control, and irrigation. What makes this system even more unique is its strong spiritual element.

200 rivers
drying up

The price of becoming world’s digital nomad hotspot, over-exploitation by the tourist industry has led to 200 out of 400 rivers on the island drying up. Southern part of Bali would face a water shortage. In 2017, government officials in Bali declared a “garbage emergency” in response to the covering of 3.6 mile stretch of coastline in plastic waste brought in by the tide.


Opportunity for Communers to participate in community driven ecological conservation and restoration projects in Bali Island region.
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