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Myanmar, India and Bangladesh


Arakan Mountains & Northern Triangle Forests bioregion

The Arakan Mountains & Northern Triangle Forests bioregion defines the upper western boundary of the Southeast Asian Forests subrealm in Indomalaya, containing five ecoregions – Chin Hills-Arakan Yoma Montane Forests, Mizoram-Manipur-Kachin Rainforests, Northern Triangle Subtropical Forests, Northeast India-Myanmar Pine Forests, Northern Triangle Temperate Forests – totaling approximately 24 million hectares of land area.

2.3 million
Arakanese people

Arakanese people are a Southeast Asian ethnic group in Myanmar (Burma) forming the majority along the coastal region of present-day Rakhine State. They possibly constitute 5.53% or more of Myanmar’s total population. Rakhine people also live in the southeastern parts of Bangladesh, especially in Chittagong and Barisal. A group of Rakhine descendants, living in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh at least since the 16th century, are known as the Marma people.


Opportunity for Communers to participate in community driven ecological conservation and restoration projects in Arakan Mountains region.
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