While WENATRearth is a decentralised structure, it requires a certain amount of organization to bring people together. If we want to make a difference, we must acknowledge this to bring like-minded people together. We can change humanity to be more in line with nature, but it will take a lot of effort to bring this to fruition, enabling active ecological life.

Immersion in nature,
ecological events and therapy.

WENATRearth values immersion in nature, which we facilitate using ecological events and therapy for the Communers of WENATRearth. By immersing ourselves in nature, we can relearn all we have forgotten as a species. These events are crucial for Communers to contextualize the meaning of nature and ecological stewardship. This experience is beneficial for our Communers but necessitates motivated and organised individuals to bring this experience to others.

The Curators possess the ability to organise the ecological events, whereas the Pathfinders possess the ability to guide and facilitate the ecological events. The Pathfinders acquired knowledge of nature and a gift for helping others through ecological therapy. This is a critical position, and without the Pathfinder’s knowledge, we could not help others learn to be active Ecocitizens.

Safety and organisation can make or break an ecological event. We want our ecological events to be beneficial and productive, not dangerous and ill-organised. The Curators will ensure the ecological events will happen without major issues. The Pathfinders help the Curators facilitate these events by providing safety and security. They work together to make sure these important activities can enable immersive ecological experience for our Communers.

The Pathfinders and Curators are part of the important team of individuals who provide resources for ecological actions. Our ecological therapy can help our Communers reconnect with nature. This is a difficult process, one that should not be taken lightly. The Pathfinders and Curators know this and work to make sure these ecological events can serve their purpose efficiently. Together they enable our Communers to have a richer connection to nature.


The Curators

The Curators are individuals who plan, create, and organise these ecological events for the Communers of WENATRearth. Their hard work allows Communers to learn more about Ecocitizenship and the beauty of nature. We have lost this understanding after centuries of industrialization, but it is not too late to relearn it. The Curators help Communers participate in these events. Without them, the events could not be as successful.


The Pathfinders

Relearning the importance of nature and unlearning the destructive mindset of mainstream human society is a difficult process that needs appropriate guides. The Pathfinders act as the event and trail guide. They are responsible for the well-being of the Communers during these events. The Pathfinders guide Communers through trails, provides security, survival guidance, and assist in the logistics of the ecological events.

It’s time to make nature our priority.

Let’s begin transition together.

If you happen to know someone who might be interested in enacting ecocitizenship…

If you happen to be someone who might be interested to enable neoecological commune…