The End Is Looming For Traditional Currencies

The past may not necessarily predict the future but historical data remains the best way to define the future. One conclusion we can draw from the history of fiat money is that it was pioneered by private innovations in the past, with governments following suit in due time. Governments weren’t the first initiator of fiat money.

Blockchain means trust and transparency. More than 100 million people around the world are now using cryptocurrencies. Ecological-based cryptocurrencies can be a pragmatic instrument to enable ecological way of life, creating a positive ecological footprint.

Ecological life celebrates diversity and decentralisation. The opportunity for ecological life has arrived with the advent of blockchain technology. soPlaceToken network is an enabler of decentralised ecological communalism expressing simple living, self-sufficiency, sustainability, and local decentralised communities.


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Next-gen Ecological Rewards

Prepare For Your Ecological Life

Ecological Token. Ecological Currency. Ecological Finance.

Verifiably-secure Network
Environmentally Sustainable
Proof-of-stake Protocol
Rigorous Security Guarantees

True Interoperability

Cross-blockchain Transfers

Forkless & Future-proof

Upgrade without Hard Forks

Transactional Scalability

Multiple Parallel Blockchains

Security for Everyone

Chains Remain Independent
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An exceptionally ecological token network naturally made for ecological wealth

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Stake Delegation

Distributes Network Control Across Stake Pools and Nodes

Provably Secure

Mathematically Verifiable Security Protocol Against Attackers

Energy Efficient

Able to Sustainably and Ethically Achieve Network Consensus

New Iterations

Incremental Building of Unbreakable and Immutable Chain

The Future Is Now

With soPlaceToken

In order for us to understand the true potential of a decentralised community, we need look no further than right under our noses: to the world of mushrooms and fungi, looks like an interconnected mass of white-grey cobwebs. That mass is called mycelium and the mushroom above the ground is a fruiting body connected to it.

Mycelium is a living decentralised organism. If one part of the network is compromised, the mass will continue to thrive. There is no reliance, nor is there any dependency on centralisation in the mycelium. It learns, feeds and operates collectively as one neural network through its microscopic nodes and highly-sophisticated natural engineering. These nodes can be of varying genders and it too contains hardwired DNA and chromosomes.

Similar to mycelium, the soPlaceToken network strives to make the ecological currency ecosystem ready for mass adoption by the fourth quarter 2022, building a network of collective ecological wealth for all Communers.

Enough Talk, Let's Accelerate
Ecological Transition Together