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Humans should invest US$500 billion yearly to halt the destruction and restoration of nature. Saving the diversity and abundance of life to prevent another mass extinction event on Earth.

Southeast Asia and the Austronesian world need an estimated US$100 billion on nature conservation each year to save ecosystems from collapse.

Over the last decades, the major concern has always been about transparency and efficacy of deploying nature conservation campaigns. SONATRapp aims to overcome the trust deficit and enable hopeful mass conservation, eliminating the traditional bureaucracy and organisational administrative costs.


Pooled Funds By 2030


Restoration Costs Cap


Natural Landscapes Restoration

Enable Inclusive Mass Conservation

It's Time For Disruptive Restoration

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Overlay Grid Navigation

Overlay the global grid navigation onto the online map to find 3-words addresses.

Autosuggest Results

Prompts intelligent suggestions for typing and spelling errors and words in incorrect order. It can limit results to a country or area and prioritise results that are near the user.

Convert to Coordinates

Convert a 3-words address to its corresponding GPS coordinates. View its country, nearest area and a link to its location on the 3-words online map.

Location Precision

Easily find a 3-words address for anywhere in the world, divide the world into 3 metre squares and give each square a unique combination of three words. 3-words addresses are easy to say and share, and as accurate as GPS coordinates.

64 trillion 3-words Addresses

Convert a set of GPS coordinates to a 3-words address in the language of your choice. View its country, a nearby area and a link to its location on the 3-words online map.

Terrestrial Conservation

ecological philanthropy

Wetland Conservation

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Highland Conservation

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Ocean Conservation

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Navigation Technology

Tool enabling real-time
information and mapping
for transparent
mass conservation

Location Technology

Tool enabling targeted
place-based conservation
for optimised
mass conservation

Pooled Philanthropy

Platform enabling pooling
financial resources
for collaborative
mass conservation

Massconserve Board

Scoreboard enabling
heathy collective legacy
sharing to elevate
mass conservation

Restoring one square

at a time.

SONATRapp accelerates the widespread adoption of cost-effective and assisted natural regeneration with the local communities, using a pioneering proprietary geocode system that is designed to identify any location with a resolution of about 3 metres.

Digital application by SONATRapp supports peer-to-peer learning and the development of community-based initiatives. Also, expanding digital conservation diplomacy to disseminate information about restoration successes and scaling place-based solutions.

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