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Protects the Planetary Health, Supports Other Species And Futureproofs Humankind

Ecological living is about protecting and preserving the environment of planet Earth, through recognising the uniqueness of its various ecosystems and species. Every individual habitat supports all manner of life.

Habitats around the world are under threat from human activity because we have changed the world to suit ourselves, promoting the uniqueness of our species at the expense of others.

Damage is caused to the environment through processes such as industrial and domestic pollution, raw material extraction, construction, and agricultural development. In addition, climate change will probably endanger sensitive ecosystems that fail to adapt as the planet warms.


Carbon Negative By 2030


Net Zero Living By 2030


Climate Positive By 2030

21st Century Mass Ecological Transition

22nd Century Mass Transition to Ecological Civilisation

Prepare For Your Ecological Pathway

Your Part of Preserving and Protecting the Natural Environment

Personalised Ecological Pathway

WENATRapp enables assisted ecological pathway for conscious and mindful living, reconnecting with nature fixing nature blindness.Access to weCommunes

Access to weCommunes

WENATRapp enables all Communers to gain communing access to the ecological events and therapy of weCommunes 24/7.

Personalised Ecological Transition

WENATRapp enables all Communers for a seamless ecological transition to a post-modernity and post-industrial society, an ecological civilisation.

Personalised Ecological Life

WENATRapp enables assisted ecological life for a positive ecological footprint and consumption.

Community Technology

Enabling Your Ecological Life

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Enabling Your Ecological Life

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Enabling Your Ecological Life

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Enabling Your Ecological Life
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Enabling Your Ecological Life

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Physical Health

Regular outdoor exercise, eating healthy diet every day, having quality sleep every night.

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Emotional Health

Maintain a positive attitude, discover personal stress reliever, and lower stress.

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Social Health

Get involved in diverse activities with like-minded people, and maintain healthy relationships.

Enhance Your

Spiritual Health

Find your personal sanctuary appreciate the natural world, contemplate the meaning of life.

Industrial civilisation is not and can never be sustainable

Ecological life is fundamentally the application of sustainability to lifestyle choices and decisions. Ecological civilisation expresses what it means in triple-bottom-line terms as meeting present environmental, societal, and economical needs without compromising these factors for future generations.

Transition to ecological civilisation can be described as living within the innate carrying capacities defined by these factors and negotiating the relationships of needs within limits across all the interconnected domains of planetary life, including consequences for future human generations and non-human species.

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