A Self-Sovereign Identity is an identity you own. It’s yours.

Today’s digital identity frameworks are centralised, suffer from a lack of trust, aren’t portable, and don’t give personalised control. Emergence of blockchain technology, decentralized identifiers, cryptograph security, and verifiable credentials enabled the creation of a third model of identity: self-sovereign identity. Digital identity is the gateway for accessing the systems in the decentralised internet. But establishing who has what access rights is getting harder, at least if you’re stuck to using antiquated ideas about identity management.

Today’s any given decentralised digital process might depend on a handful of interconnected systems, each of which may be running in different clouds. At every step across that process, your personal reputation depends on ensuring that only those people with sufficient privileges are able to access specific information. Whatever we do in the digital world, being able to prove who we are and what permissions we have to access information is critical.

A new approach is needed, the blockchain network. Blockchain’s versatility is primarily due to its immutable and almost indestructible nature. One of the most promising is around decentralised self-sovereign identity, where system entities of people, organisations, and platforms gain control over their identities and allow trusted interactions. The power of this approach is that it enables people to share different parts of their identity with different digital services as they see fit.


Blockchain Technology Boost to Global Economy by 2030


Blockchain Wallets Issued Around the World in 2020


Decentralised Applications in Use & Under Development

Live Alive and Aligned Today

Living Authentically, Amazingly

Control Your Ecological Domain

Personalising Your Decentralised Self-sovereign Identity Using Blockchain Network

Honest Relationships

Being able to be openly transparent allowing true acceptance and unconditional trust.

False Life Editing

Habitual fear-based output to trying to reach perfection and losing your true sense of self.

Stop Dehumanisation

We are all non-standardised human beings, born in different places, living in different contexts.

Deepest Core

Our authentic self is completely different from what our society encourages these days.

True Authenticity

Developing and revealing our authenticity is a process, it takes a journey and perseverance.

Authentic Self

Being your true authentic self means what you say in life aligns with your habitual actions.


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Becoming More Authentic

Unlock Your Self-identity

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A self-sovereign identity network is secure, scalable, distributed, and decentralised.

Decentralized Identity ExplainedDecentralized Identity Explained

Next Digital Evolution

It’s time to evolve to frictionless verification of self-sovereign identity from the current system of siloed identities, endless passwords, and insecure databases.

Next Generation Standard

New standard for digital identity, designed to bring the trust, personal control, and ease-of-use of analog identities, personal licenses and cards to the internet.

Metasystem Application

Designed for any application to use, giving individuals the complete freedom to prove things about themselves using trustworthy, verifiable digital credentials.

Truly Decentralised

Individual identity holder controls self-credentials, using them whenever and however they please, without being forced to request permission of an intermediary.

Take a risk, choose to be different. Be your authentic self. Be your highest self in the decentralised era.

We were moulded as children by our governments, parents, teachers, religions, peers, and society to fit in the centralised ecosystem. As a result, we developed beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that keep us acting in the ways we were taught to act, not in the ways that make us feel like our authentic selves.

We are constantly balancing inner and outer aspects of ourselves in order to better fit in, to become more successful, or to find our place in society. We live in a society that values superficiality, strives for perfection, and defines success as material wealth ownership and not by how well we live our values every day.

Many of us are propelled even further, desiring to know and live our purpose, to find deeper meaning in our lives, and to feel the fulfilment that comes with becoming a more authentic person. Feelings of authenticity can go hand in hand with numerous psychological and social benefits: higher self-esteem, higher sense of self-worth, greater well-being, better relationships and enhanced productivity.

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