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Boost Your Endorphins!

Environmental volunteering in actionable campaigns may also make a person feel good. Scientific researches found that people who volunteer for a good cause or give a donation to a charity activated pleasure centers in their brains. This may lead to improved endorphin levels.

Redefining Voluntary Environmental Action

Getting people excited about environmental issues may have to take a different approach. Natural resource depletion, global warming, landfill waste and water contamination are topics that can be intimidating when presented to the average consumer, especially for the demographic we most hope to reach: young people and future stewards. It is important that we find ways to engage youth and make motivations for environmentalism positive and fun.

Making complex concepts like sustainability and the importance of circular waste solutions compelling to young consumers can be a real game: literally and figuratively. One of the most popular, and effective, methods for engaging consumers is incentivising gamification, the simple concept of combining elements of incentive and game, applying them to daily life. Incentivising and gamifying environmental action campaigns has proven to be an effective way to get people excited about environmental impact.

Incentivising voluntary environmental action through an ecological merit system quantifies an individual’s environmental efforts with hard numbers, recognition of effort, the thrill of competition, and the opportunity to do something big for nature. This element of gratification creates a transparent rewards system that is sometimes missing from conventional conservation.

1 gE = 1 minute

Proof of Effort

1 gE = 10 metres

Proof of Endurance

1 gE = 1 kgCO2e

Proof of Impact

Earn Your Ecological Merit

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Digitalising Visual Empathy

Getting people to really comprehend real issues affecting nature, always seem to be happening in some far-off land, and often on a scale that’s unfathomable.

Affective Literacy

Digital application focusing on experiential learning, and as with these tools, by placing nature in the context of our world, making it relatable and relevant.

Emotion Booster

Standing beside an environmental action is already an incredibly exciting and moving experience, engendering deeply felt and unforgettable experiences.

Reimagining Inspiration

When so much of the highlights around nature is based on bad news, it can be a challenge to remember just how exciting and awe-inspiring the natural world can be.

Tokenising On-demand Conservation

Generally, people love collecting (free) things through gamification, effective at driving daily engagement, behavioural change, and voluntary actions.

Augmented & Mixed Reality

Using tech, data and gaming, reconnect more people to wildlife. Digitising their stories and making their conservation fun, social, participative and accessible.

Environmental Responsibility

Incentivised Behavioural Change

Environmental Awareness

Incentivised Behavioural Change

Environmental Action

Incentivised Behavioural Change

Environmental Volunteering

Incentivised Behavioural Change
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Showing we are environmentally conscious and be actually rewarded for it!

Await Your guerdonEARTHAwait Your guerdonEARTH

Incentivising Mass Transition

Rewarding ecological merit by issuance of “gE” for every positive ecological consumption and ecological footprint reduction using reNATUREcard.

Incentivising Nature Active

Active participation in the weCommunes’ ecological events to be rewarded with “gE” ecological merit that can be converted to $WENA.

Incentivising Environmental Action

Incentivising and gamifying voluntary environmental actions, revolutionise the way people collaborate with, and initiate place-based conservation efforts.

Enabling Mass Philanthropy

The next level of incentivised ecological transition would be to earn further $WENA to fund ecological restoration campaigns using soNATUREapp.

Revolutionise conservation: disruptive, ubiquitous, inclusive, accessible, and plug-in Conserve3

The problems facing the Earth can feel overwhelming and impossible for individuals to influence. It is becoming increasingly hard to engage people with and for nature conservation. Inducing individuals to engage in incentivised and gamified platform of guerdonEarth for environmental conservation, tapping into our internal competitive spirit and an intrinsic reward system we humans have. In addition to improving environmental literacy, people can be inspired and become committed to their environmental responsibility.

The market for global loyalty programmes is expected to reach US$ 216 billion by 2022, and the global gamification market is projected to reach US$ 37 billion by 2027. guerdonEarth presents an opportunity to fundamentally rethink how we implement new environments that may invite affective and ethical engagement. Moreover, incentivising gamification affordance of autonomy support, visibility of achievement, competition, and interactivity influences personalised satisfaction.

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