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Rekindle New Hope for Ending Nature Blindness

Because our technological advancements and more time spent inside buildings and cars disconnect us from nature, ecological activities and time spent in nature may be strengthening our connections as humans to nature, so people continue to have strong urges to reconnect with nature. The concern for a lack of connection with the rest of nature outside of us is that a stronger disregard for other plants, animals, and less appealing wild areas could lead to further ecosystem degradation and species loss. Therefore, re-establishing a connection with nature has become more important than ever in the age of extinction.


Mindful Living


Conscious Living


Harmonious Living

Find Your Inner Peace

Find Your
True Happiness

Grow Your Life With Nature

Your Nature Insight. Your Wisdom To Grow In Life.

Natural Resilience

Building and cultivating inner resilience naturally – self-awareness, self-regulation skills, mindfulness, coping skills, increase optimism, and strengthen connections. Inner systems can play a vital role in resilience.

Mindful Relationships

Mindfulness helps to shift unconscious behaviours that impact your relationships. Since many of your behaviors and responses in relationships are conditioned and habitual, shifting them in positive ways takes more than conscious effort.

Conscious Pathways

Consciousness has two main elements, wakefulness, and awareness. Conscious pathways run from the brainstem to the thalamus to the cortex, the brainstem as a critical area for arousing the cortex, passed through the thalamus to reach the cerebral cortex.

Your Authentic Self

Authentic people have considerable self-knowledge and are motivated to learn more about themselves. Being authentic in action means that you act in ways that show your true self and how you feel. Authenticity is inextricably linked to happiness.

Attention Restoration

People can concentrate better after spending time in nature, or even looking at scenes of nature. Natural environments abound with soft fascinations which a person can reflect upon in effortless attention.

Veneration of Nature

The Power or Force Within Nature

Harmony With Nature

The Conservation of Ecological Balance

Respect for Nature

The Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

Living with Nature

The Antidote for Stress, Monotony & Wellbeing
Look Beyond Yourself

Receive Your Ecological Inheritance

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Reconnect with nature to nourish your mind, body and soul

Await Your PusakaPertiwiAwait Your PusakaPertiwi

Nature Works in Rhythms

Our internal rhythm changes with age as well as the seasons

Nature Nourishes the Soul

Natural mindfulness, positive thinking, and intentional self-care

A Cloud Can Never Die

Free yourself from fear of being and fear of non-being

Nature Insight Learning

Self-capacity to naturally gain an accurate and deep understanding

Indigenous way of finding

wisdom from our natural world.

Nature is as important to us as a source of nourishment for our souls. Nature is a kind of book, and when we open our eyes to it, find its pages filled with distinctive lessons about wisdom and serenity. In a set of wildflowers growing on a hillside, we can read a defense of the value and beauty of every day; an evening sky can lend legitimacy and dignity to our melancholy states; there are invitations to calm in the unhurried motions of wild grasses; the sight of the distant stars can settle our anxieties by evoking our insignificance in the wider scheme.

Natural Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight, associated with attributes such as unbiased judgment, compassion, experiential self-knowledge, self-transcendence and non-attachment, and virtues such as ethics and benevolence.

Enough Talk, Let's Accelerate
Ecological Transition Together