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Communing Access
Ecological Identity & Finance
Ecological Wealth & Impact
Ecological Tools & Incentives

receive reNATUREcard (SG$15)
79 SoPlaceToken (SG$79)
5-year .wenature/ (SG$100)
5-year reNATUREcard (SG$50)
1-footprint Subscription (SG$15)
1-year RenatureJournal (SG$36)
1-year PusakaPertiwi (SG$60)
1x wenature.earth Shirt (SG$45)
1x sajabahagia Ring (SG$75)

weNATUREconfab Access
wenature.app Access
soplace.app Access
renature.app Access
*Bamboo Medals
*IkatanPertiwi Ceremony
Communeship (2021-2023)
Terrestrial + Wetland + Highland Conservation

At the end of your Communeship tenure, your subscription will not automatically continue for the same period. You can’t cancel your Communeship subscription but you can transfer your Communeship to anyone age 14 years old and above, before the end of your current tenure. See you in nature!