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We’re Earth’s Most Awesome Citizenship

Living in Harmony With Nature

“Humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of non-human life, expressing an innate affinity of ecological life.”

Meet Nature’s Most Abundant Hyperkeystone’ Species and Vicious Super-predator

Humans are the influencer of influencers, the dominant species that disproportionately affects other keystone species, dictating the fate of all natural ecosystems across different habitats. Most of us were part of that generation that treated humans as an externality. We were the missing keystone, unconscious of our stewardship role of natural food-web and our complex ecology of our own species. The median exploitation rates we exert on marine and terrestrial species are up to 15-fold higher than for any other predators.

Be human, do the human thing, such a humane thing to do…all these phrases came from the fact the man, the human-being was created to be the considerate one, hence anything which was or is done to show compassion is deemed being human. Like all the other creations, we too will go extinct. And our going extinct won’t be the biggest tragedy, what will be, the fact that even after we are gone, we the humans, forever will be known as the most inhuman of all species. Let’s transition together now.

Featured Ecological Impetuses

Like Nothing You’ve Seen. Enablers for Ecological Life.

Genus.Aspirant is an intermediate experiential
opportunity, experiencing Ecological Citizenship

Naturally made for Communers from the generation X, Y and Z, age 21 – 55 years old. Genus.Aspirant is an intentional adoption stage for assisted ecological life pathway with open communing access to all weCommunes’ ecological events and access to the ikatanPertiwi ceremony. Aspirant Communers are responsible for their own safety and security.

All Aspirant Communers will be receiving 79 $WENA to kickstart communing access to all weCommunes by using the WENATRapp and opportunity to earn Bamboo Medals upon successful participation. Aspirant Communers can purchase subsequent tokens from the WENA token network using the WENATRapp to gain further communing access.

An intermediate experiential phase of enabling and incentivising Genus.Aspirant to explore ecological life

All Aspirant Communers will receive various ecological incentives and tools namely a RENATR (waived kickstart fee and 5-years annual fee), a wooden debit card for assisted ecological consumption with the opportunity to earn ecological tokens “WENA”. Also, opportunity to earn ecological merit “gE” whenever you participate in weCommunes’ ecological volunteering.

Environmental action is fun with gamification applications by the guerdonEarth platform while accumulating “gE” and can be converted to ecological currency (1 $WENA = 500 gE). Aspirant Communers will also have complimentary 1-year subscription to the RENATRjournal; free access to Earthlah, seGema, social access to seJiwa, and convener access to seBumi.

An intermediate experiential opportunity for Genus.Aspirant to be part of trending mass conservation

Now everyone can impact everyday and everywhere. For a good start, Aspirant Communers are given complimentary nature-positive subscription by reCARBONearth, an individual 1 tonne carbon offset for ecological footprint. Excitingly, Aspirant Communers will be equipped for terrestrial, wetland, and highland ecosystems conservation, using the SONATRapp to restore one square at a time.

Most natural wisdom for mindful and conscious living, being replaced by modernisation and industrialisation over the past decades. Aspirant Communers are given complimentary 1-year PusakaPertiwi subscription for nurturing ecological consciousness through series of videologs and podcasts, and also weekly Natural Wisdom snippets.

An intermediate experiential opportunity for Genus.Aspirant to explore decentralised communeship

Each Aspirant Communer will receive a decentralised ecological domain of yourname.wenatr/ (waived 5-years annual fee) as ecological identity to gain communing access using environmental blockchain protocol. All Communers will be provided the ecological finance features such as the deWallet for safekeeping the WENA tokens.

Through the ecological domain, each Communer will have access to over 3,000 decentralised applications of other environmental blockchain networks (Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and Stellar). Each Aspirant Communer will be given a natural-dyed shirt and an ecological ring to demonstrate ecocitizenship.


Nature's Bounty


Impact to the Indigenous Community Ecology


Ecological Products + New Endemic Plants

Natural is a way to say who you are without saying anything at all.

Communing Access


free access // Beta Catapult


free access // Prime Debut

receive 79 $WENA / WENA token

(SG$79) // Prime Debut

.wenatr/ domain name

(waived 5-years annual fees SG$100) // 2023 – 2027

Ecological Wealth & Impact

complimentary RENATRjournal

(waived 1-year subscription SG$36) // Beta Catapult

PusakaPertiwi Natural Wisdom

(waived 1-year subscription SG$60) // Beta Catapult


(2021 – 2023)

Terrestrial + Wetland + Highland Conservation

sajaBahagia ring

(complimentary 1x ring SG$50) // Beta Catapult


(waived 1-year social access SG$20) // Beta Catapult

free access // Beta Catapult

receive RENATR

(waived kickstart fee SG$15) // Prime Debut


(waived 1-year convener access SG$20) // Beta Catapult


free access // Prime Debut

Ecological Identity & Finance

*Bamboo Medals

free access // Prime Debut


free access // Prime Debut

RENATR maintenance

(waived 5-years annual fees SG$50) // 2023 – 2027

complimentary 1-footprint

(nature-positive subscription SG$15) // Beta Catapult

Ecological Tools & Incentives

Sundaman natural-dyed shirt

(complimentary 1x hemp fabric SG$45) // Beta Catapult


free acess // Prime Debut


free access // Prime Debut


free access // Beta Catapult

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