WENATRearth has a vision of an ecological civilisation that is decentralised and localised. This requires a unique community of individuals to be linked yet work independently. To create a network of Ecocitizens and ecological communities, we need local individuals who are furiously mission driven in their localities, enabling our Communers to engage in eco-action because they believe in the cause.

Independent, resilient and resourceful,
knowledge of nature and natural wisdom.

WENATRearth propagates new form of ecological civilisation, but it has roots in indigenous and local knowledge. We cannot forget those who have come before us. People used to be in touch with nature, as they lived directly off the land. Our modern society has cut off this connection for most of us, but there are some individuals who still hold this knowledge.

Our ecological transition is bold and transformative. We need individuals who will push for ecological action, but we also need individuals who can slow down and learn from nature. With the help of the Neachers, we can begin to reconnect to the wisdom of nature. With the help of the Champions, we can begin to move the needle towards a more ecological society. The fundamental purpose of WENATRearth is to act according to the vision of an ecological civilisation. Both the Champions and Neachers work to promote and engage with this mission.


The Champions

The Champions are action-oriented and driven. They lead by example, acting as a source of inspiration for younger generations. Their actions catch the attention of those outside our community. We need the Champions to initiate these ecological actions. If we want to live in harmony with nature, we must act accordingly. The Champion understands this and holds this value in the highest regard.

The Champions are independent, resilient and resourceful individuals who create, organise, and enact ecological actions. These Champions are often individuals who perform their role without organisation support. The Champions are strong-willed, dedicated, and passionate.


The Neachers

The Neachers inspire and empower us through the ecological transition. This transition is two-fold. It requires ecological actions that help nature heal, and it requires a re-learning of the human-nature connection. The Neachers use their local understanding of nature, acquired over a lifetime, to teach others about ecological living. They aim to create a better nature for all of us, inspiring others to better our surroundings.

The Neachers possess this knowledge of nature. They have learned from nature, and we can learn from them. The Neachers possess natural wisdom and engage in self-learning. With the help of the Neachers, we can become active Ecocitizens who learn from nature.

It’s time to make nature our priority.

Let’s begin transition together.

If you happen to know someone who might be interested in enacting ecocitizenship…

If you happen to be someone who might be interested to enable neoecological commune…