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World’s Worst Man-made Biodiversity Catastrophe

world's largest plastics dump, quarry mining, exporter and importer of sand, palm oil producer, natural rubber producer, hydropower's leading in gold mining, tin mining, copper mining, overfishing, deforestation, overtourism, rapid urbanisation...
Southeast Asia’s forests have lost over 80 million hectares

Deforestation more extensive than thought, a modern plague sweeps across Southeast Asia

World’s Fastest Sinking City

Climate change is expected to hit Southeast Asia’s megacities the hardest – Jakarta, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City might be the first to get flooded out by 2050.
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Indonesia facing biodiversity crisis

World’s Richest Species

Indonesia, one of the world’s richest nations in terms of species, is losing hugely valuable resources and services through the destruction of forests, coral reefs and watersheds.

Indonesia and Brazil

The biodiversity of Indonesia is extremely rich. It’s the second most important country after Brazil in terms of biodiversity. Many of the species that occur here are endemic.

Peatland fire burning season starts

Fires have flared up in at least 10 provinces in Indonesia, with some of the burning occurring in peatlands. The burning, including in protected forests, marks the start of the country’s dry season and the attendant fires that are set to clear trees and shrubs for agriculture.

Mining sites in disaster-prone areas

104 mining concessions, covering a combined area of 1.6 million hectares (3.9 million acres), half the size of Belgium, are vulnerable to earthquakes. Forty-nine of these concessions are located on the island of Sumatra, with 23 on Sulawesi and 21 in the Malukus.

Pulp and paper firms drive deforestation

Pulp and paper companies are expanding in Indonesia by building new mills, putting more pressure on existing pulpwood plantations to increase their production. This could reverse a declining trend of pulpwood-related deforestation in recent years.

Tin, Gold, Sand, Petroleum, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Coal, Bauxite, Nickel, Tungsten, Limestone

Home to the world’s largest mines

The Battery of Asia

Becoming World’s Largest Battery

After China, World’s Worst Overfishing

In Southeast Asia, over 30 million fishermen will face a threat to their livelihoods as 53 percent of the world’s marine fishery resources have been completely depleted or fished to the maximum sustainable level, while 32 percent is currently being overfished, depleted, or recovering from depletion.
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Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia

Cyclones, typhoons, floods striking Southeast Asia

2021 Cyclone Seroja, 2020 Super Typhoon Goni, 2020 Central Vietnam Floods, 2011 Thailand Floods, 2009 Typhoon Lupit, 2008 Cyclone Nargis, 2007 Typhoon Utor, 2006-2007 Malaysia Floods, 2006 Typhoon Leepi, 2006 Typhoon Bilis, 2006 Typhoon Cimaron, 2005 Typhoon Pepeng, 2004 Typhoon Chanthu, 2003 Typhoon Krovanh, 2000 Typhoon Pulasan, 2000 Typhoon Ampil,...

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Dumping ground for wealthier countries’ plastic waste

More than half of the 8 million tonnes of plastic waste that end up in oceans every year, come from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.
Citarum River, Indonesia

The world’s dirtiest river

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Over the past 3 decades, droughts have affected over 66 million Southeast Asians

Southeast Asian Forest Fires and Haze

2015 Indonesian forest fires had generated around 600 million tonnes of greenhouse gases, an amount described as roughly equivalent to Germany’s entire annual output.
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